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I want to SEE my doctor !

I, the undersigned, support Gordon Birtwistle, together with the Burnley and Padiham LibDems, campaign demanding the Secretary of State for Health provides sufficient funding to enable him to instruct GP’s to return to face to face consultations as the default option when contacted by patients.

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Our Petition

Are you fed up with trying to make an appointment to SEE your doctor?

You may have made several calls when you were feeling ill only to be put into a queue and an automatic voice saying ‘You are at queue position 20’.

When you do finally get through to the receptionist they may have responded with ‘There are no appointments today – but the doctor will call you in a few days to discuss your problem over the phone’.

When you feel ill, especially if you do not make regular demands on the doctor’s time, your problem could get significantly worse even before a telephone appointment. Even then, your doctor cannot see you to fully judge your illness.

If this is your experience, or if you have a relative or friend who has had a similar experience, SIGN our petition to the Secretary of State for Health to bring back Face-to-Face Doctor appointments promptly as the normal experience.

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